Level up your

Join our practice driven mentorship programs to complete work-like tasks and processes with senior mentors.

Co-founder Jakub Wąsowski is presenting Nerdbord in Brain Embassy co-working space

Boost your skills and get real work experience

Learn work oriented skills

All of the programs are focused on teaching problem-solving skills and processes, which are a missing piece in the professional experience of juniors.

Mentor support

Each program has an assigned mentor who guides mentees and provides feedback on their work.

Work at your own pace

Invest as much time as you wish. The amount of work that you put into the program is completely up to you.

Build your portfolio

We build our programs in a way that enables mentees to showcase their work and build portfolio that stands out.

Practise consistency

Reinforce your skills through regular, guided practice that will give the best possible results in the long term.

Asynchronous feedback

An effective way for mentees to receive a more in-depth and detailed evaluation of their work, as mentors have more time to review and provide thorough feedback.


Power of the right

For the best learning experience, we use Nerdbord Lab, a tool for teaching that reflects real-work processes. You will learn how to organize your work on a kanban board and complete full task flows, including reviews and iterations.


How it works


Choose programs

Browse through our regularly updated selection of programs. Select the one that aligns with your current abilities and the skills you wish to develop


Complete tasks

Get access to materials and working files, complete tasks, and send task reviews anytime you get stuck or want to receive feedback.


Interate & grow

Incorporate feedback into your solution, use mistakes as learning opportunities and strive to constantly improve your abilities.


Meet your Mentors

Nerdbord programs are all about practice and guidance. We have been mentors for most of our careers and know firsthand how rewarding it is to help others be part of the IT industry.

Mentor Karolina Parysz

Karolina Parysz

Over the past 6 years, I have worked on more than 30 projects, mostly for international startups. I have also trained many amazing designers who are thriving in their careers. In addition to being a university lecturer, I am also a bootcamp mentor and workshop facilitator.

I consider my mentees as part of my team therefore expect the highest possible quality of work from them. As a designer, I focus on systems thinking with a strong emphasis on product strategy and simplifying complexities.

Mentor Jakub Wasowski

Jakub Wasowski

I am a tech passionate with over 6 years of commercial experience. During this time, I have worked for both corporate and startup clients and have built many products from scratch. However, what I am most proud of is being the author of internship programs and training many developers who have landed their dream jobs.

I am an enthusiast of complex problems and quick iterations that help us deliver strong and comprehensive solutions. As a software engineer, I am always open to new challenges and technological novelties.


Common questions

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