Monetise your expertise
with right mentorship tool

All-in-one tool for software design and development mentors.


How it works

Add your content

Connect your GitHub repository or create project from scratch using embedded code editor.

Invite your users

Create users groups and invite your students to their personal kanban boards with your tasks.

Review their work

Provide feedback to help your students grow in real work-life environment!

Task oriented,
feedback focused

Learning Lab. Create user groups and monitor users progress.

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Project Library. Add content and centralise your knowledge base.

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The better process
the better the results

Kanban board. World leading development methodology for your users.

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  • Easy to follow progress bar

    That gets update everytime user moves task to “Done” column. Extra motivation for task completion.

  • Keeping track on non-linear progress

    Users can easily move tasks around and work on them in preferable order.

  • Learning kanban methodology

    IT newbies can experience real development process for the first time


Working as it should. Adjusted to the way you work.

Kanban generator

Each user that gets invited to you program gets their own kanban board.

Full GitHub integration

Pull requests, code merges and more – create in NB, review in GitHub.

Code compiler

Create in-app code challenges using cloud code compiler.

One content many groups

Add content once and reuse it as many times as you like by creating multiple groups.

Monitor users progress

Every user, every task, every problem at your fingertips.

Variety of tasks types

From code editor through text editor to GitHub ones. Adjust to your needs.

Integrated with your tools

Nerdbord integrated with your daily tools to merge with your workflow.

Full GitHub integration

Create project repositories on GitHub, use Nerdbord to duplicate them on your users profiles – and that’s just a beginning.

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Slack & Discord Groups


Create user groups based on existing ones Slack & Discord. Integrated notifications about new content and reviews statuses.

Figma & Google Workspace


Embed content in task preview from your favourite tools. Figma frames, prototypes and Google documents of all kinds.

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